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SubGenius and the council of 10




“For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them.”----“


Why do you suppose they made you king in the first place?' I ask him. 'Not for your benefit, but for theirs. They meant you to devote your energies to making their lives more comfortable, and protecting them from injustice. So your job is to see that they're all right, not that you are -  just as a shepherd's job, strictly speaking, is to feed his sheep, not himself.

”What part soever you take upon you, play that as well as you can and make the best of it.”
Thomas More, Utopia


INDEPENDUNCE DAY with angel auvelaon

The Stakeholders Are Passing Out Freedom !

angel auvelaon's New Video Special

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The Change Reagency and  Cordian Society International Presents)
Will the stakeholders allow America to Rebrand Their Racist 4th Of July "celebration" as Freedom Of Toilet Day - Independence is Anti-Social Behavior.Why celebrate THAT?

A look at the 4th of July in the Collaboration Economy. Stakeholder Change Agents have scoured the rural areas teaching Cognitive Psychology Collaboration skills with Monsanto ARTS and coincidentally all the rural areas are experiencing a Heroin "epidemic" in the towns and places they teach this IMPACT "art".The ARTS and heroin go hand in hand.Somehow rural children are heroin addicts now?!  Don't worry there is a new stakeholder in the community and they will lovingly provide "treatment" at 14 to 22k a year which is great for the economy and creates jobs.The BBC commercial for this venture was reported (wink) as "sad" news from London.The plan is once treatment stakeholders are a new partner in your community we'll not ever mention the children are junkies once in "treatment".     Treats upon treats!!! Epidemic! They just got "sick" like a cold.They haven't been ruined for life...

But it doesn't have to be!

angel auvelaon does not point out problems and whine without offering solutions.

THERE IS GOOD NEWS regarding addiction treatment.It's common in Europe and other nations but ILLEGAL in the US.See angel auvelaons'

HEROIN Project Page. 

HEROIN addiction can be ended in 7 days.Addicts returned to a Pre Addictive State and less likely to ever use it again.(Heroin in this case) but any addiction pattern can be reset.7 Days is all it takes.

I guess that would end the drug war if you can un addict children who get trapped.There is a lot of money in pretending to fight addictions though.So we must first get the children to San Diego and then Rosarita Mexico to free them from drugs the government is apparently inept at stopping (wink wink)  There is a reset button This is the 21st Century.It will make Heroin pushers obsolete.On to better things....

How did we get there? The Small Group salesman says it all happened since the 60's! (The time of the social engineers ultimate revolution!) but they don't mention that.They are just cashing in on it.

Community centers,small group psychotherapy for the millions of shattered lives of those who dreamed the American Dream  (This is an aside) John Adams does a nice job of explaining in retrospect the journey from the 50's to now we THOUGHT was the greatest times ever were in the USA.

John Adams on Culture Creation, Social Engineering and the American Dream


In it many were damaged "doing their own thing"

Now people are easy to be vacuumed up by Small "Care"Groups like embezzeler Yonggi Cho facillitated whose cult members tried to physically attack the elders of the church after Cho was convicted.It was the model of the Largest Megachurch in the world.Not only do churches use the Gestalt Small Group Psychotherapy,but of course it was originally developed by Jebus Cripes himself.Some attribute the father of group dynamics to be Kurt Lewin.But it was really Jebus.Go to community church and they will tell you that and give you a "new life"with ongoing psychotherapy just like Jebus did it in the Bible!Jebus invented Gestalt in case you didn't know!!The 4th of July is also racist against the English people.

Very many Americans go to ongoing Gestalt psychotherapy on a weekly basis conducted by untrained non professionals and encouraged to follow that up with a paid counsellor.  This video will show the mandate for "Community Church" Life Groups(Churches are NOT the only ones using this process but we focus on the "Community" Stakeholder "Church" it's called Discipleship but Leadership in corporate venues) The bulk of Americans have serious psychological issues (as a result of consuming the culture/-they don't address rejecting the culture that has done this to them.Instead they keep them in constant psychotherapy group (cult) sessions  and that makes money)
 Stakeholders that dictate how you will live and they hold festivals where their corporation spokesmen are the STARS.Like the electric company will have a toxic mercury lightbulb that can't be disposed of in the trash dressed up as a happy bee like a Bugs Bunny so you don't mind when the electric company shows up at your home with a dangerous smart meter.(God forbid we have affordable solar). 

Stakeholders will send Cognitive Psychology Rural Change Agents to make friends with you maybe with a very fun Community"Church" ....get you to join a small group .They also make life easy for our elected officials because all the officials have to do these days is hand over all of the decision making to the Stakeholders agent...The "City Manager,The County Manager,The Regional Manger.No matter who you "elect" the stakeholders are the ones calling the shots through city managers so being an elected official is a cush job!

  Handling human resources using Cognitive Psychology creates facile complacent and artificially "happy" reptile brain thinkers. Managing agricultural resources the stakeholders have very little need for roosters in the chicken farm.They are killed as soon as they are born.Now that the testosterone levels in men somehow has dropped along with their the stakeholders have much need for the males? They don't on the chicken farm.

Unfortunatley the male chicken resources are not offered an option to select from 31 genders what they would like to be instead of a "rooster".

'Sanctions are coming' European Union bureaucrat threatens to FREEZE job offers for men


The stakeholders will meet your "needs" in a way that you will never want to use your Neo Cortex again! Why waste the energy!You can find out what to think at the group meeting!

How independent is that? Maybe we should just call it freedom of toilet day.

The Ultimate Revolution was started in the 60's And Aldous was right! People can love their servitude.

This guy was a acid head mescaline tripmonster. And the most prominent social engineer (and hero of "intelligence" agencies whatever that is supposed to mean) of our time!  It's how he came up with all this.He's also related to the monkeyman Darwin so you know he had a great brain to start with!    He explains today here do the researchWyU

He's a doper do the research



Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace : 1958 (Full)



These were all his friends starting the Ultimate Revolution, that made the great culture, that makes money for counsellors!    Mondo Hollywood

Lauded by Variety as a "flippy, trippy, psychedelic guide to Hollywood," this underground classic is the definitive documentary on Tinseltown in the purple hazed 1960s. All these people in this movie are connected to intelligence agenies (90% of them) They seduced people to be ....bums.

AD -Who Are We?

Jeremiah 2 by GOD our real passion is writing the Bible to song.This is just one of the Bible Songs ...Yes Bible.

original music and arrangement by angel auvelaon offender for the faith Bible Chapters Set To song.Word for Word.

angel auvelaon Hoist That Rag

A modified Tom Waits Song

Our Favorite Illusion Buster Jan Irvin

Please Visit and Support  Once you learn that the culture we have is an invention of a few deceptive idiots (on drugs even) you will save lots of money on phony made up idols and their merchandise and all the phony drama that goes along with it is garbage. It's easy and painless and one of the most relaxing websites on the planet!

If You Were Allowed A Real Education You Would Have been taught the TRIVIUM

The good news is you can learn it properly at  Jan Irvin's Gnostic Media .

Using Grammar,Logic and Rhetoric the truth is easily discernable.

The simple Who What Where How and Lastly WHY

That is the only order because the Trivium can be taught wrong and usually is.

It is not Who What When Where Why and How.

It is misrepresented in the Classical Trivium as such even if you are lucky enough to be taught it at a  corporate funded university .

The proper order is Who What When Where How and Why.

it's not too hard

Get a FREE Trivium Education right here without having to go to college!   save a few bucks

But it wouldn't hurt to throw Jan Irvin a fast Paypal or Bitcoin offering if you benefit from the teaching so he can do more.

The Story of your STRAWMAN Coming Soon-for FREE but offerings are OK

Hoaxbustercall refuses to call itself a "show"because it is not "entertainment".It's fun getting smartened up! It's like when you abstain and fast for a few days and boy does that food taste good when you finally eat.
People will tell you it's dumb to smarten up but they can't help it.(If you know what I mean)

Freedom Of Think !

I thought everyone in California were nuts and flakes! But they are not!

OKIE Chris Kendall runs the Hoaxbusters call with his co host John Adams from California

The second most relaxing conversations on the web.But it's a close second.Our culture is a trap,but an easy one to avoid if you know the secrets! When the secrets are common knowledge then angel auvelaon shall retire to live off of the grid!

They have no razamatazz...but they do have SHIZZLE!

John Adams Chris Kendall and guests calmly and serenely massage your brain cells with good old fashioned organic non GMO common sense that tittilates the brain cells and leaving them smoother...and younger looking!



Mega-Interview Jay w/Afternoon Commute: Scientism & Pop Occulture Published on Sep 4, 2015

John and Chis engage in yet another excellent discussion with Jay Dyer. We discuss the bizarre WDBJ shooting, Crisis Actors, Mass Media Psyops, Traveling Actor Troops, U.S. Commission on National Security,Actor Andy Parker, Les Miserables, "The Merchant of Killogue", Agitprop Theater, The Shooting Epidemic, Think Tanks, Pop Culture, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Scientism, Nanobots, Rockefeller's Riverside Church, Charlie Wilson's War, Chautauqua, Bruce Gender, Pan Religious Non-Denominational Churches, Nelson Mandela MI6, Fidel Castro was an Actor, Mao set up by the Rockefellers/CIA, Communism, Wal-Mart, Arkansas, Leftists, Memorandum 200, The Gates Foundation, GAVI, Population Council Promotes Homosexuality, Margret Sanger, Darwinism, Claims vs. Facts, Objects of Veneration, Appeals to Authority, Presuppositionalism, Philosophical Assumptions, Transitional Fossils, Mad Max, Peer-Review and Scientism, Skepticism, Michael Shermer, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Bill Nye, Poisoning the Well, Creation/Evolution Debates, Religious Creeds, Chemtrails, Bureaucracy,

Shakespeare’s apocalyptic “Brave New World”

It is based on the Bible.Isiah 29 to be exact.hat the people would be placed into a dream world

What is happening in the world is a counterfeit (or real as it may be) adaptation by Aldous Huxley based on Shakespeare based on the Old Bible.They read it and used it as a blueprint to use culture and art,and technology to put mankind into a dream state And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

Shakespeare’s apocalyptic “Brave NewWorld”

Shakespeare’s play The Tempest was the origin of the expression “brave new world” that has since been used prominently by Rudyard Kipling and Aldous Huxley. Huxley used it as the title for his novel (published in 1932) that depicted a world populated by five castes (alpha through epsilon) of genetically stratified slaves, all ruled over by a tiny elite of ten “World Controllers”; while Kipling used the expression to describe a faux Utopian social condition that existed before an apocalypse, in his 1919 poem ‘The Gods of the Copybook Headings‘:

In Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah (hereafter, SSM), I showed that some Shakespeare plays have a hidden symbolic level which inverts the Flavian comic system of the Gospels and Josephus. Did Shakespeare have such an occulted meaning for the expression ‘Brave New World’, and how should we now understand the phrase?

On its surface, The Tempest seems to be a play about forgiveness, because at the end of the play the main character Prospero seemingly forgives the nobles that had stolen his dukedom. However, I have now discovered that the author has also created an occulted outcome that is completely different than the surface narration. At this occult level, far from forgiving his usurpers, Prospero is actually arranging their demise. This is, of course, keeping with the core structure of the Shakespearian plays shown in SSM, which reverse the black comedy in the Gospels and often end with a cannibalistic slaughter.

While this analysis shows that Shakespeare’s purpose in writing The Tempest is adequately explained by a Jewish sectarian agenda, there are other frameworks that have been proposed. More information will be appearing at this site shortly.

Isaiah’s apocalyptic vision

The plot of The Tempest is framed around a re-enactment of the apocalyptic and messianic vision of the book of Isaiah. Many aspects of Ariel’s character stem directly from the Bible story. In Isaiah 29:4, Ariel’s voice is said to come from the ground. Thus, Shakespeare ‘s character does “business in the veins of he earth, when it is baked with frost” and speaks directly from the ground to mystify the nobles.  In the play Ariel is depicted as a spirit who does the bidding of Prospero, a usurped noble who represents the legitimate, righteous king described in Isaiah 32.

Isaiah begins his apocalyptic story in chapter 29, by describing ‘Ariel’ – in this case indicating the city of Jerusalem – as besieged and distressed with “heaviness and sorrow”. The city will be brought down so far that the voice of ‘Ariel’ (representing the spirit of Jerusalem) will come “from the dust”.


CCN – UnSpun 019 – “MKULTRA

Louis IV d'Outremer many times great grandpappa

The House of Martel has always loved the words in the Bible and now we shall energize those words again drowning out the words of the wicked

Now is not the time to defend the faith,but to raise a Standard.  To Remove the idols from our eyes.With no other Gods before us made of artifice and return to 5 sense common sense,and the faith can then find a place to rest.Not before.

It's time for a culture reset-De Tox.We have been entertained too much.To be entertained or to be amused means not to think.

 Let the entertainers entertain themselves.

 angel auvelaon is not a musician to entertain for entertainments sake.

Music is fine,but we like to simply change the dialog it presents.

King Louis IV(9th generation of Charles Martel)

Descendant Count Marcel DeBoynne France : Coat of Arms:

3 ducks on a diagonal from left to right  He married a  woman (with trackbacks possiby to theTribe of Gad the last heard from these cousins doing the genealogy)and

Count Marcel was hunted down and killed in America after fleeing the bloodshed of nobles during the French (Godless-Jacobin) Revolution right after the American Revolution. His wife had a baby after he died and named him Marcel DeBoyene Jr. He had 2 sons who at some point changed their name to reflect a different ethnicity escape a similar fate One of the sons was killed, but the other one named Joseph fled to Chicago He married JosephineThe DeBoynne bloodline is not supposed to exist. But it does. Someone really went through a lot of trouble to hunt them down all the way first from Barbados,then America.  Why? This information has only come out recently and would have never been known if not for cousins who wanted to see if all of the intrigue  they had been told about as children actually happened. There was such a man and his brother who came to America in steerage running.Had the assassins  known about his unborn child his wife would have been killed too.And the story was almost forgotten.

May some day to set our DNA on the soil of Laon and our estate in Gap France even to merely play a concert on the land taken under Napoleon.The French government has refused our repartions claim once already.

  So now we like to write music to the Bible because the world says it hates it.

            And those who trust in it are outnumbered.For now.

                       And the world suffers because of it.For Now.

We shall rebuke wickedness with songs of the most powerful words in history.

We have some other unrelated butterfly  demonstration music at  

.Our message is purify yourselves of the toxic culture if you can and love your family not culture produced apparitions..

 And serve notice that the King must also observe God's Laws through our music.

Like a process server

angel auvelaon is not a professional"musician"seeking the toxic fame and fortune but righteousness and love

What was the French Revolution ...Really? Not what you think either.

Jay Dyer returns to the show to discuss the latest installments of his Tragedy & Hope lecture series. We talk about Napoleon Bonaparte and how he was likely an agent of the dominant European banking houses. We also discuss the intrigues of the Atlanticist powers in the interwar period and how their dual policy of appeasing and demonizing Hitler was a dialectic created to foment yet another European general war with the goal being the creation of a two bloc or bipolar world. Later we reflect on 9/11 and the nature of evil.

Jay is the proprietor of Jay's Analysis and the author of Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults, and Symbols in Film.


We have no Facebook or any such social panopticon devices.

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This House Of Martel is still here despite the French Revolution's efforts to eradicate it in the French Holocaust.

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Reign of Terror

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